Using Atlanta Liposuction After Weight Loss

For most people, losing a substantial amount of weight is something to be happy about. However, if you’re someone who has lost a substantial amount of weight you may now be faced with a new problem. Many people have excess skin that never goes away and this depends on how fast the weight was lost. For this reason, it a common practice to have plastic surgery after weight loss in order to remove the skin. While a small amount of extra skin is not necessarily a big deal to most people, anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight will usually have a substantial amount of loose skin. This loose skin is a pain in the neck because it can actually prevent you from being able to fit into smaller sizes.

According to Slimplasty, having Atlanta Liposuction after weight loss is beneficial because it allows you to see exactly how much weight you’ve lost once this extra skin is abstracted. Many times people who’ve lost a lot of weight don’t feel more confident because when they look in the mirror, all they can see is their excess skin. A major complaint from people who are considering having excess skin removed is that although they worked so hard to be healthy, they feel that they look unhealthy because of the extra skin.
Understanding how plastic surgery after weight loss works is necessary before you or someone you know decide to go for plastic surgery. Before you can actually have plastic surgery after weight loss, a consultation with your plastic surgeon will help you to decide if the surgery is actually right for you. On the day of the surgery, your surgeon will mark the areas of skin that need to be removed, and once the surgery is over, you may be needed to wear a body suit depending on the areas that were operated on. This will aid the healing process and minimize the swelling.
As you are recovering from your plastic surgery after weight loss, how much pain you have will depend on how many areas of your body needed to be operated on. You will usually experience a significant amount of swelling, and it is important that you follow your doctor’s instructions and ease back into normal life. Typically, the scars will fade completely in 2 years, and you may be left with only a slight line where the incisions were.
Any surgical procedure is a risk, and since you will have to be put under anesthetic, that is always an extra risk. However, in order to have the best results, it is essential that you have the procedure done by a board certified plastic surgeon. Be sure to do your due diligence and read reviews from others who have used the same doctor. The common mistake that people make is that they tend to opt for the cheaper alternative by allowing an unqualified surgeon to operate on them. As a result, they end up paying pore for correction procedures.It is better to save up the money and opt for a qualified surgeon to perform your plastic surgery after weight loss.

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Freeze Fat Away with Coolsculpting Atlanta

What results can you expect with Coolsculpting?

Pretty impressive results. I think people tend to think that this sounds a little bit too good to be true. But actually, Coolsculpting is FDA-cleared. It is proven to work. It is very safe indeed. So what happens is, about 30% reduction is an average that we see on one treatment and that’s durable (it lasts for a long amount of time). That fat, once it’s been crystallized, will not reappear so you cannot put fat on there again. Ultimately, about 30% fat loss in one treatment. Afterwards, if patients want more or they need more, we can re-treat them and have more and more improvement. It’s very impressive.

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Are the results extremely noticeable?

This is a treatment that is very popular with celebrities and we do it on a lot of celebrities because there is no downtime. They can go back, they can go work, and there are no tell-tale signs of anything being done. It is very appealing for this reason. However, it’s popular with everyone. It’s even popular with men and women of all ages and that’s what I think makes it so exciting.

What are the new innovations with this treatment?

One of the biggest issues for a lot of men and women is this fat pad underneath the jaw line that’s notoriously hard to get rid of. So we have a mini applicator that can be used to treat the jawline and the lovely thing about that applicator is that you can use it to treat knee fat and bra fat (just where it shows when you wear a cutoff dress) and that’s a really popular treatment.

What makes you the #1 clinic in Atlanta for Coolsculpting?

We’ve been number one for the past three years and I think that’s due to a few things. I think the main thing is that we have experts that just do this procedure. They are just dedicated Coolsculpting practitioners. It’s the experience over time. It’s learning what works the best and what looks the best on patients. They’re also very artistic. They will look at the patient and know exactly what’s needed to achieve the best clinical outcome. So I think all those things are very important. To book your Coolsculpting Atlanta appointment, visit

Skin Tightening with Ultherapy Atlanta

One of the best procedures for tightening your skin is the Ultherapy procedure. Ultherapy uses micro-focused ultrasound to heat up the deeper tissues of the skin, stimulating, tightening, and lifting the jaw line, under the chin, the neck, and also a brow lift. I’m very excited about Ultherapy. There is a new protocol called the “Amplified Protocol” which we’ve instituted in our office that is much more comfortable for a patient. We’re delivering more lines of treatments and seeing a great response to the treatment. There is also a new transducer which goes more superficial into the skin that can help with tone and texture, particularly around the eyes and around the lips. Ultherapy has no downtime associated with it, and as you make new collages which starts about 4-6 weeks after treatment, you start to see a result in a continued improvement for 3 to 6 months after. So I know there are a lot of options out there and you hear about a lot of things that can help with skin tightening, hopefully this post has given you a little more information.

Ultherapy Atlanta Breakthough

Ultherapy is a huge breakthrough in technology where the ultrasound is generating heat to really tighten your skin. Because it’s ultrasound and it’s penetrating deeper in your skin, there’s no downtime afterwards. It actually penetrates into the deeper dermis and also the fat layer and muscle layer even. However, unlike the ultrasound you get when you’re pregnant or whatnot, because this is generating heat, there is a little discomfort and you can actually tell a very clear clear jawline that you can create with Ultherapy. We actually give a little bit of numbing cream and what’s called “nerve block.” It’s actually very comfortable afterwards.

Ultherapy side-effects

The nerve-block can of course cause numbness for a couple hours afterwards. Some people can bruise a little bit but it’s not from the Ultherapy itself. Ultherapy Atlanta has not presented any side effects so far.

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Who’s a good candidate for Ultherapy?

Really anyone over 40 or even younger than that if you’ve had a lot of sun damage over the years and you haven’t really taken care of your skin. If you’re starting to see that your jawline is going, and you’re seeing a little bit of sagging, those are really good candidates.

For more information about Ultherapy or body contouring in general, visit

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Engagement rings vs mens gold chains

Not all precious stone rings are utilized as jewel engagement rings. Jewel engagement rings are extraordinary rings in light of the fact that they imply the guarantee to wed. Men will generally give ladies a precious stone engagement ring after the proposal. While some ladies get precious stone engagement rings as an astonish, others help pick them. It is supportive for a man to have a slant in respect to what his better half likes in the matter of precious stone rings and in addition an exceptional thought of her ring size before he purchases her an engagement ring. While the beguile of being astounded with precious stone engagement rings is something that each lady dreams about, this does not work in the event that she winds up loathing the ring.

gold chains for men

Some precious stone rings comprise of groups of precious stones and different valuable stones. Unlike mens gold chains, Jewel engagement rings generally comprise of one expansive precious stone and a symmetrical example, regularly of different jewels or valuable diamonds. In a few cases, jewel engagement rings are stand out precious stone. These are extremely universal sorts of engagement rings and are generally a protected alternative, particularly if its all the same to the lady has a tendency to lean toward basic and more understated adornments.

A man who is picking precious stone rings for a lady is normally picking them for his wife or soon to be wife. Precious stone engagement rings are not the main rings that men pick for ladies. There are likewise celebration groups that characteristic precious stones and additionally those jewel rings that honor the conception of kids. A long time prior, ladies regularly wore jewel mixed drink rings that comprised of a bunch of precious stones. For numerous ladies, precious stone engagement rings are the main precious stone rings that they have. Others have a few separate settings that they wear on event.

Precious stone rings are regularly picked as blessings. While they could be worn by both men and ladies, rings for ladies incredibly command the precious stone ring industry. For men, these rings are generally more modest and comprise of a solitary stone, in spite of the fact that some men get a kick out of the chance to wear precious stone wedding groups.

The point when picking precious stone engagement rings, it is significant to additionally think about the wedding band. While some individuals purchase the wedding groups in the meantime they purchase the engagement rings, others hold up until it is closer to the date to pick the groups.

Any individual who needs to present a lady with an engagement ring as a shock may as well have a thought of what she loves in a ring. Large portions of the jewel engagement rings today are white gold as this is the present pattern. This is not another incline as white gold and platinum were both recognized to be the standard when it came to jewel rings from the 1930s to the 1960s. The 1960s saw yellow gold coming into style, in spite of the fact that now the pattern is over to white gold and platinum regarding the matter of the ring setting. The ring setting could be basic or expand. The metal could be brushed or it might be cleaned. Having a great thought of what your sweetheart likes regarding rings makes picking jewel engagement rings that you give her as an astound all the simpler.

Not all jewel rings are precious stone engagement rings . There are numerous alternatives regarding picking fine rings for both men and ladies. Head off to Hancocks Jewellers to study more.